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Ies Eras De Renueva


The school is situated in the city of León, in the North West of Spain, at about 30 km from the mountains and 150 km from the sea. The population is about 140,000 people and the most important activities in the city are related to services.


It is a public school which opened in 1991 and is supported by the Regional Administration of Castilla y León . The school has  1010 students aged 12-18 studying Compulsory Secondary Education (12-16) to Non-compulsory (16-18). We have been developing some linguistic projects for ten years both in English and French. The English Project was established by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the British Council of the United Kingdom and the students sign in for the IGCSE exams at the end of the fourth year. One of the French Projects is a Bilingual Section in Spanish and French for students from 12 to 16, the other one is the double degree in Baccalaureat  in Spain and France for students from 16 to 18 and  allows them to take University studies in both countries.


There are 87 teachers working in the school highly concerned about the Good Practice aimed at making our students aware of a European identity and dealing with the challenges youth has to face nowadays.


As some of our students come from a disadvantaged area and belong to ethnic minorities or are immigrants (19 different nationalities), the school is involved in some linguistic exchanges which help them to be well informed about the ways of living in other countries.


This school participated directly in the development of the European Charter for Democratic Schools without Violence, Council of Europe – Integrated Project Strasbourg July 2004. As a result of this working we have a group of peer mediators within the Regional Plan for Mediation in Schools.


The school is well- equipped with two Language laboratories, 4 computer rooms and smart boards and internet access in most classrooms.


All students are given equal opportunities and means and both parents and teachers closely cooperate in the benefit of education.


We will be partners in this project and and hope to improve the quality of education having the chance to  practise our language skills and get in contact with other cultures as well as becoming aware of environmental problems and become environmentally-friendly individuals