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Gimnazjum no. 37 


The age of the students of The Gimnazjum no. 37 (K. K. Baczyński Lower Secondary School with Integration Units no. 37) is from 13 to 16 years old.


The school is located in the centre of Warsaw, which is full of cultural, economical and environmental contrasts. There are pupils who come from different social backgrounds as elite, who are aware of educational impact on their future life, as well impoverished and pathological, who need to be stimulated to make any efforts in the educational field.


Gimnazjum no. 37 has got a big group of pupils with learning dysfunctions (learning disabilities), and for those with special needs it has got integration units. Our aim is to motivate pupils to foreign language learning, promote the use of new technologies and learning about other European countries. We would like to give an opportunity our teachers and pupils to improve their personal development and provide intercultural learning experience.



The school is free from violence, drugs and alcohol. There is three foreign languages learning: English, Spanish, German.


There are fully equipped classrooms:


   - 2 computer classrooms with an access to the internet,


   - 2 gymnasiums including a big and modern football pitch, basketball and tennis court,


   - subject classrooms with interactive boards such as: historical, geographical, biological, chemical, physical, mathematical, language, musical, art, religious.


Students of the school participate in numerous school, local, district, all – Poland and international competitions and subject olympics.  Students take part in any cultural programmes (theatre education,  museum classes).  There are special – interest groups such as: journal, theatre, cabaret, art, historical, computer, photography, cooking, voluntary, European,  European Cinema, instrumental clubs, choir, swimming, wrestling, School Sports Club and Student Sports Club.  There are held integration camps, school trips, international class exchanges. There are remedial classes led by therapist  - reeducators


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