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Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium


Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium was established in 1921. It is a secondary school providing 2nd part of basic and secondary education programmes.  There are 500 students and 60 teachers. Beside the native – Lithuanian – language the students are taught 4 foreign languages – English, French, German and Russian. Special attention is also paid to natural sciences, application of IT in the teaching process, promotion of more environment-friendly lifestyle.  Since 2002 the Gymnasium has been the member of the net of Lithuanian schools propagating healthy way of life. The aim of this movement is to create an enabling environment to enhance health and strengthen the school community’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Numerous projects of prevention of harmful habits and socialization have been carried out in the school lately. Students, teachers and parents are provided pedagogical, psychological and social assistance.

The gymnasium also gives priority to social activities, it has close contacts with disabled and elderly people, orphanage, is active participant of different charity actions and altruistic movements.

The students and the teaching staff have significant experience in implementation of Socrates, Comenius partnership, Comenius Regio, Youth in Action and other international projects.