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Daugavpils Secondary School Nr. 12


Daugavpils Secondary School Nr. 12 is a comprehensive school located in one of Daugavpils’ districts called Jaunbuve. Daugavpils is situated in the south-eastern part of Latvia, at about 230 km from Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Daugavpils is located on the banks of the Daugava River.  With a population of over 100,000, it is the second largest city in Latvia. Daugavpils is surrounded by many lakes and nature parks and it is an important cultural centre in the region.


The first page in the history of the school was written in 1942. At the moment 536 pupils attend school between the ages of 7 and 19 and are taught by 51 teachers. The pupils studying in our school come from various socioeconomic backgrounds living in urban (Daugavpils) and rural areas.  They are educated in two buildings for primary and secondary school students. The biggest school building was renovated last year.


Different subject classrooms, such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics are equipped with interactive whiteboards and have well-equipped laboratories, others, like Latvian, Russian, History, English classrooms have the projectors and the equipment for using them in the process of studying. There are two computer classrooms in the school. Every classroom has the access to the Internet. The school also has a lift and it is adjusted for pupils with specific needs.


The main school subjects are Latvian and Latvian literature, Mathematics, Latvian and World History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Art, Music, PE, ICT, Psychology, History of Culture, Social Sciences and foreign languages like English, Russian and German. Besides these compulsory subjects the school offers  extra-curricular activities such as French and Polish language studies, special courses like “Career”, “Technical graphics’’ and “Be a leader,’’ choirs, vocal ensembles, folk and modern dance groups,  drama groups and sport activities. Volleyball, basketball, floor-ball and athletics are the most popular sports among the pupils.


 For several years students have had an opportunity to participate in debate clubs in Russian, English and Latvian, studying to express their opinion. Good results in different subjects and presenting scientific papers are achieved by our students who participate in Olympiads of the city, region and Latvia. 


The students have been involved in local/regional/national projects such as LVAVA, Nature projects, Children Friendly School, CLIL, etc. regarding the language learning, healthy lifestyle, recycling, reusing, collecting batteries, etc. The projects developed by the “Red Cross” have helped students to learn how to administer the first aid and take part in charity activities. This year we are finishing Comenius bilateral project “TTE LAVA: Train Ticket to Europe. Language Awareness through visual arts.” 


The teaching staff regularly takes part in professional development courses, participates in conferences and seminars in the city, region and Latvia.


The community of the school is proud of its history and traditions such as September 1st, Poetry days, Celebrating country festivals, Teachers’ day, 5th and 10th grade initiation, Super-boy, Pop-clip, Subject weeks, Christmas concerts, Graduates’ reunion, etc.