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Osnovno Uchiliste"Kocho Chestemenski"



The school, well known for its traditional approaches of teaching methods based on the experience and professionalism of the people who work here, was founded in 1941 in the second town in Bulgaria.


We are 36 teachers, and about 400 pupils from 5 to 14. Our pupils have an acceptable knowledge of one language (English) and some of them have a very good command of the English language.


The school tries to combine theory with practice while preparing the students to become good citizens having intercultural competences. Equal opportunities and means are given to all students. In our school, education is the result of the cooperation among teachers, parents and the public authorities.


We have previous experience with one completed  internation programme and work on another one, but we are willing to collaborate and make our pupil understand that they are  part of greater community. We hope this project will help all the teachers to exchange approaches  how to integrate new way of thinking about social and nature environment in their teaching practices. to make students feel better at school and in our town.


We would like to improve the quality of education amongst the young people by participating in the future project, giving them the chance to improve their language  skills, to change their attitude to nature  and to get familiar with the culture in that sphere of their classmates from the other countries.


We will act as partners in the project. We are primary school so we are in the project also to test the impact of activities in practice on younger students.


We will work closely also with the  schools of the project.  The school has at its disposal a modern equipped building. Teachers and students use two computer labs with internet access  every day. There are three interactive white boards Also teachers will be involved and this will guarantee a better connection beteewen the  participants in the project.