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PLOVDIV, BULGARIA 21.10.2016-25.10.2016

1st Day: In the morning: Host country will prepare ice-breaking activities for both students and teachers. Students and teachers will get to know each other well. Host school students will make presentations to introduce their school, city and country Host school introduce their school by visiting classrooms and other facilities.

In the afternoon: Visiting local municipality and authorities to introduce our project and get information about the problems of host town/city. Visiting also local or national environmental organizations and sharing ideas about the implementation of our project and their activities Sightseeing tour in the city and investigating the environmental problems and good practices against the problems

2nd Day: In the morning: Attending environment integrated lessons, students and teachers will join different lesson according to their interests. Teachers and students have chance to see how they integrate and prepare activities related environmental problems in the classroom.

In the afternoon: Announcing ImaginAIR Photo Story contest results and award ceremony. In this contest, students and teachers can join with their short stories with photos from their city. The theme is about “Air Pollution” Awards will be in two categories; Students and teachers

In the evening: Multinational Dinner, students and teachers will bring most characteristic food and drinks to introduce their country. They will also bring music, souvenirs and brochures of their country.

3rd Day: In the morning/afternoon: Art from Waste workshops from various waste: buttons, cotton tapes, threads, technological wastes etc. Students and teachers will work together, they will prepare toys, souvenirs, and mascots by using these kinds of wastes.

In the late afternoon: Short town tour for dissemination activity. Distributing leaflets and hanging posters about project activities. Giving invitation for our multinational forest activity

4th Day: All Day: Creating sixth memorial mini forest of our project with students and teachers. All the participants will have at least one tree in this forest. Participants will prepare name and nationality tags for their trees. Parents and other people can also join this activity. At the end Project information sign will be hang out

5th Day: In the morning: Visiting a local factory or other buildings and get information about what kind of precautions do they get for air and water pollution?


In the afternoon: Visiting cultural and historical places and get more information about host country and city. Announcing new contest. Waste- SmART: Photo, video, cartoon contest. The theme is “Renewable Energy”